Magazines- They Ain't What They Used To Be

Posted by rockindomp3

One of Brigitte Bardot's first American magazine covers, pre-blonde hair!

More digest size magazine stuff, these were 5" x 7" pocket size.

Nice Shot of Nappy Brown in action.

"Folk idiom"? Don't they mean "fuckin' idiots"?

I love these little digest size magazines from the fifties. In fact I love magazines, although there's really not many good ones anymore. I mean there's Blues & Rhythm: The Gospel Truth (amazing photos), Ugly Things, and ......I'm at a loss for another good modern magazine. Like the record biz, the magazine business is in decline because it is run by idiots and thieves. Take it from me, I've written for at least 100 different mags and newspapers over the years and I can count the intelligent editors I've met on my fingers. Anyway, here's some old favorites to look at, I'll post some old music mag stuff soon, I just dug out a pile of old Dig, Star-Club News, Rhythm & Blues, etc. and plan to go through 'em this weekend.

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