Stooges update

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Here's some rare footage of the '73 Iggy & the Stooges line up. Iggy sent out a press release a few weeks back announcing that James Williamson will be rehearsing with the Stooges in July for some as yet un-announced gigs--" the repertoire will be Raw Power" according to Iggy. After Ron Asheton died I assumed I'd never leave the house again, but I sure won't miss this one.
By the way, that's Nitebob's Firebird Williamson's playing (James had been compaining about how heavy his Les Paul was, so Nitebob who was their sound man lent him his Gibson Firebird), the footage was taken at the Academy of Music in New York City New Year's Eve 1973/74, too bad Ron's not visible, he was wearing one of his Nazi uniforms that night. CBS recorded the gig on a 24 track mobile unit but the tape has never surfaced, only a poor sounding audience recorded cassette that was issued as a bootleg called Night Of The Iguana.

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