Bo Diddley 3

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Lobbycard for the Big TNT Show sent in by reader JNeilNYC

Sorry if I'm repeating myself, this is the third Bo Diddley post in less than a year. The first( here) and the second which has footage from The Legend Of Bo Diddley documentary I ran a couple of weeks ago, but the latter footage has been pulled, so if you missed it, you missed it. Here's the best of the Bo Diddley footage on Youtube these days. The bottom clip I decided to run the entire segment from the Ed Sullivan show with Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls, the Five Keys, Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson, and Lavern Baker. Feel free to write if there's something really great out there that I missed.

Bo and the Duchess (Norma Jean Wolford)

Bo, the Duchess, and his entire band from the Big TNT Show, I love when they kick into the cross rhythm near the end.

This was new to me....

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