Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965)

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Starring Sal Mineo and Juliet Prowse, Joseph Cates' Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965) is one of he creepiest and most peculiar movies ever made. A rumination on voyeurism, repressed homosexuality, and fetishism (among other things), it's one of Sal Mineo's most ambitious and telling roles. It includes some truly sleazy, atmospheric location shots of 42nd Street in it's transitional state from the Great White Way into the sleaze pit it would become by the early 70's. Today the Duece looks like a mall in Peoria. Who Killed Teddy Bear was written by Arnold Drake who wrote and produced The Flesh Eaters (1964). Who Killed Teddy Bear is available as a U.K. only DVD (so if your machine only plays USA region DVD's you're shit out of luck), you can always go to TCM's website and suggest it (you need to register first). Meanwhile these clips will give you an idea about what an incredible and twisted endeavor this specimen of cinema, Who Killed Teddy Bear, is.

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