Did Keith Richards Invent Kraut Rock?

Posted by rockindomp3

Don''t feel much like blogging these days since in that never ending game of bumper cars played by those of us who travel around NYC on bicycle against those in SUV's (who are always looking at their blackberries or Iphone and not the road), flesh and bone is sure to be the loser. Hence, my right hand has been in a hard cast and the rest of my body is awfully sore from the SUV the ran into me at 30 MPH at the intersection of 10th and B. last week. But since the Stones are out there promoting the re-issue of Exile On Mainstreet (originally released the day I turned a teenager, May 23, 1972), I thought I'd post this peculiar clip of Keith exploring Krautrock territory before the Krauts themselves got around to it. I'll be back soon as I can type with both hands.....

Never saw this one before.

Thanks to Donna Lethal for sending the clip and Brendan O'Reilly for the BBC4 Kraut Rock documentry (and the Scott Walker, Hank Williams, etc. stuff). Ich fange an, die Deutsch klingt.

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