The Colpix Dimension Story

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Colpix Records was the first recording company for Columbia Pictures-Screen Gems. Colpix got its name from combining Columbia (Col) and Pictures (Pix), and was founded by Stu Phillips in the 1958, and was based in New York City. Lester Sill later headed the label, after breaking with Philles Records partner Phil Spector.
Artists for the label included Lou Christie, James Darren, Paul Petersen, Shelley Fabares (the latter two also costars of The Donna Reed Show) and The Marcels. Two of the label's best known number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts were "Blue Moon" by the Marcels in the spring of 1961, and Shelley Fabares' "Johnny Angel" in the spring of 1962.

Disc: 1 The Colpix Dimension Story  CD1.rar - 49.7 MB
1. Blue Moon - The Marcels
2. Here Comes Big Ed - The Wildweeds, Wildwoods
3. Goodbye Cruel World - James Darren
4. Heartaches - The Marcels
5. Her Royal Majesty - James Darren
6. Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares
7. She Can't Find Her Keys - Paul Petersen
8. Conscience - James Darren
9. Johnny Loves Me - Shelley Fabares
10. Keep Your Love Locked (Deep in Your Heart) - Paul Petersen
11. Loco-Motion - Little Eva
12. It Might as Well Rain Until September - Carole King
13. Keep Your Hands off My Baby - Little Eva
14. My Dad - Paul Petersen
15. Chains - The Cookies
16. My Coloring Book - Sandy Stewart
17. Big Wide World - Teddy Randazzo
18. Let's Turkey Trot - Little Eva
19. Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) - The Cookies
20. He's a Bad Boy - Carole King

Disc: 2 The Colpix Dimension Story  CD 2.rar - 51.3 MB
1. Swinging on a Star - Big Dee Irwin
2. Hey Girl - Freddie Scott
3. Will Power - The Cookies
4. Happy Being Fat - Big Dee Irwin
5. My One and Only, Jimmy Boy - The Girlfriends
6. Girls Grow up Faster Than Boys - The Cookies
7. Baby, Baby (I Still Love You) - The Cinderellas
8. Beatle I Want to Be - Sonny Curtis
9. I'm into Something Good - Earl-Jean
10. Hey Everybody - Henry Alston
11. Old Crowd - The Cookies
12. Guitars and Bongos
13. Down Our Street
14. Opportunity - The Jewels,
15. What Are We Going to Do? - Davy Jones
16. (You Got) the Gamma Goochee
17. I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree - Just Us
18. House of the Rising Sun - Duane Eddy
19. Georgianna
20. New Recruit - Michael Blessing
Bonus Tacks: Ray Campi-Hear What I Wanna Hear-French Fries

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