Don Deal-Early Recordings

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1.Cryin' in one eye
2.Broken-hearted fellow
3.Unfaithful Diane
4.Devil or deceit
5.My blind date 6.Even then
7.You'd look good with a tear in your eye
8.She was there, but she's gone
9.The first teenager
10.Sweet love
11.A chance is all I ask
12.Just thought I'd call
13.Don't push
14.Wandering wanderer
16.At times like this
17.It's a blue moon
18.Half of the time
19.Storing up all my dreams
20.I wish I had met you a long time ago
21.True blue
22.Everybody's laughin'
23.Love bird
24.Blue moon
25.Don't push (take 1)
26.No pride (take 2)
27.Goofin' around (take 2)
28.Whistlin' in the dark (take 1)
29.Left out (take 3)
30.Sweet love (take 5)
31.Deceiving Doreen (take 3)
32.The four seasons (take 3)
33.A chance is all I ask (take 1)
34.Goofin' around (take 3)
35. Don't push (take 6).

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