Stompin' Volume 10

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Volume 10 * * * * *
1.Night Riders-Lookin' For My Baby
2.Rudy Greene-Wild Life
3.Vince Monroe-Give It Up
4.Slim Green-Shake Em' Up
5.Joe McCoy-Too Much Goin' On
6.Ricky Jones-You Know It's True
7.Marty Lewis-Satisfied With My Lovin'
8.Percy Welch & Houserockers-Back Door Man
9.Little Willie Littlefield-Baby Shame
10.Little Papa Joe-Looking For My Baby
11.Pat Patrick-Hot Springs
12.Nat The Cool Cat-Come By Here
13.Charles Walker-I've Got My Eyes On The World
14.Roy Perkins-Sweet Lilly
15.Ernest Brooks-Talking Off The Wall
16.Norris The Troubadour-Rock-N'-Rollin'Honey
17.Little Ernest Tucker-Too Small To Dance
18.Little Ernest Tucker-Gonna Get Me A Satellite
19.Frank Patt-Gonna' Hold On
20.George Young-Can't Stop Me
21.Tony Middleton-Lover
22.Carl Simpson-Baby Blues Rock

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